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Steel Construction: Cutting, Drilling, Punching and Utility Construction

We have the options to cut out all types of shapes with a punching/drilling/cutting machine and drill/punching at the same time.
After this, tapping a wire is also possible fully automatically.
In addition, marking pos numbers or names is also possible fully automatically.

Steel grades in stock: S235JR and S355JR

In a Drilling/Sawing Line, steel beams HEA/IPE/UNP/HEM up to a maximum of 1000 mm high can be drilled/sawn or marked fully automatically.

In a punching/cutting line suitable for cutting corner lines, it is possible to cut up to L200x200x20 mm.

We also help you with everything regarding steel construction, from square plates to complete steel constructions for industrial halls, utility construction, machine constructions, silo constructions, stadium construction, stand construction, etc.

Below is an overview of the services we can provide in the field of steel construction.


  • Cutting plates max. 6000×2500 mm, thicknes 5 t/m 100 mm
  • Cutting with plasma to 40 mm and acetylene to 100 mm
  • Cutting threat to M30
  • Cutting strips to 500 x 25
  • Cutting oblique to 45º
  • Cutting L-steel to 200x200x20 mm
  • Milling from weldings en outlines
  • Marking


  • Drill holes up to Ø 50 with 6-way automatic changer
  • Adjust holes for cylinder head and countersunk head bolts
  • Sawing and drilling to HE 1000B max. lenght 26 meter
  • Hard metal drilling till Ø 50
  • Drilling from 3 sides with 6-way changer
  • Sawing to 45º and 60ºC
  • Marking


  • Punching up to Ø 100, kN 1000 with 14-way automatic changer
  • 4 Punching to Ø 46 1100 kN
  • Punching verticale en horizontal
  • Markeren

Utility Construction

  • Industrial buildings
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Sports accommodations
  • and more

Materials Cast Steel

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