Centrifugal Casting

Materials Cast steel

We are very proud of being the sole producer of centrifugal castings. special products in any kind of materials and various sizes to word wide companies. We can with our horizontal and vertical centrifugal castings distinguish ourselves by being competitively at all dimensions.

Horizontal centrifugal casting

Up to diameter 800mm and 6000mm length
Max. motor speed 1500d/d
Max. weight (casting) 4500kg

Vertical Centrifugal Casting

Up to go diameter 700mm and 700mm length, total weight 550kg
Up to go diameter 1000mm and 1000mm length, total weight 8000kg
Up to go diameter 1800mm and 2000mm length, total weight 50.000kg


At Application of centrifugal casting all controls are made by high-tech equipments to achieve maximum accuracy and best results. Mould temperatures are checked with laser pyrometre . Optic pyrometre is used to measure the product inside the mould.

Materials Cast Steel

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