Steel list

Materials Cast steel

Cast steel for general usage

GE200, GE240, G52, GE300, GCK45, G60

Tempered steel

G26CrMo4, G34CrMo4, G42CrMo4, G20Mn5, G30CrMoV6-4, G10MnMo7-4, G35CrNiMo6-6, G30Mn5, G40MnSi5, G42CrMo4, G35CrMoV10-4, G24CrNiMo4-4-5V, G28Mn6, G30Mn5 DIN17205, G24Mn6

Heat-resistant cast steel

GP240GH, G17CrMo5-5, G22CrMo5-4

Heat resistant cast steel

GX30CrSI7, GX40CrSi13, GX40CrSi24, GX40CrSi28, GX130CrSi29, GX40CrNiSi27-4, GX25CrNiSi18-9, GX40CrNiSi22-10, GX25CrNiSi20-14, GX40CrNiSi25-12, GX40CrNiSi25-20, GX40NiCrSiNb38-19, GX40NiCrSi35-26, GX40NiCrSi38-19, G-NiCr28W, GX35CrNiSi28-3, GX40CrNiSi20-14, GX20NiCrSi38-19 GX20NiCrSi22-10, GX15NiCrSi25-20, GX15CrNiSiNb20-14, GX20NiCrSiNb38-19, GX40CrNiSi25-12Nb, GX15CrNiSiNb25-20, GX140CrNiSiWMo28-15, MVA WERKSTOF GX70CrNiSi25-2, GX40CrNiSi29-1

Manganese – Hard steel

GX120Mn13, GX120MnCr13-2, GX120MnCr17-2, GX120MnMo13-2

Wear resistant steel

GX165CrMoV12, GX300CrNiSi9-5-2, GX300CrMo15-3, G47CrMn6, GX300CrMo18-2, GX300CrMoNi18-2-1, GX350CrMo25-2, GX300Cr19G, GX350CrMo20-2, GX350CrMoNi20-2-1, G60NiCrMoV12-4, GX260CrMo18-1

Rust and Acid resistant steel

GX5CrNi13-4, GX5CrNi19-10, GX5CrNiMoNb19-11-2

Other species of steel

G85Cr7, G18CrNi8, G32NiCrMoV5-4-5, G45CrNiMoV7-3, G40CrNiMoV7-6, G40CrMo12, G44CrSiMo12, G22NiMoCr5-6, G19CrMo9-10, GX4CrNi13-4, G70CrNiMo6-3-3, G14CrMoV6-9, G22NiMoCr5-6, G100CrMn6

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Materials Cast Steel

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